Our research is focused on multidisciplinary areas: mainly chemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering, biomedical engineering. Our researchers exploit chemical and physical phenomena to develop new products, materials and processes for many industries.

Research topics:

  •  advanced technologies and processes for industry, bioeconomy and environmental engineering,
  •  micro and nanoscale processes, molecular engineering, nanotechnology,
  • intensification and optimization of momentum, heat and mass transfer processes (absorption, adsorption, membrane separation, chemical reaction engineering, drying, granulation, heat transfer, etc.),
  •  plasma technology and molecular engineering,  nanocatalysts for CO2 conversion, plasma technologies for the production of new materials and surface engineering
  • development of biological, chemical and thermal processes based on the use of biomass and waste, new technologies of green chemistry (e.g. microalgae cultivation, biofuels, bioplastics, bioproducts), environmental microbiology
  • energy efficiency, modern building materials for thermal energy storage, unconventional energy sources,
  • new technologies and materials in biomedical engineering
  • technology development for the pulp and paper industry
  • design of industrial apparatus and installations, product engineering and life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • safety of industrial processes, safety risk analysis

Latest research projects:


  • FIBRE4YARDS (2021 – 2023) "Fibre Composite Manufacturing Technologies for the Automation and Modular Construction in Shipyards"
  • BIO-PLASTIC (2019 – 2023) “Developing and Implementing Sustainability-Based Solutions for Bio-Based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe"
  • En-ActivETICS  (2019 – 2023) "Energy Activated External Thermal Insulation Composite System - Integration of Thermal Storage and Photovoltaics for Energy-Efficient Buildings”
  • HIPERION  (2019 – 2021) "Hybrid Photovoltaics for Efficiency Record Using Integrated Optical Technology”
  • GPEE (2013 – 2016)“German and Polish Energy Efficiency Project” – a project which fosters the promotion of sustainable approaches towards energy efficiency in buildings as tools towards climate protection in German and Polish cities by developing façade technology for zero emission buildings"
  • AEROCOINs (2011-2015) Title: Aerogel-Based Composite/Hybrid Nanomaterials for Cost-Effective Building Super-Insulation Systems
  • IGRE (2009-2015) Title: Development of a species  index and optimization of production technology for selected energy crops
  • NanoProtect (2007 – 2013) Innovative polymer and carbon materials for respiratory protection against nanoparticles, vapors and gases
  • COST 865   (2005-2010) Title: Bioencapsulation Multiscale Interaction Analysis - Spray drying processes for microencapsulation

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