Department of Bioprocess Engineering

Head: Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Ledakowicz


I. Biochemical and process engineering

  • Development of the process of biosynthesis to mnimize hazardous wastes
  • Application of ion exchange to separation and purification of organic acids
  • Investigations of filtration and microfiltration processes of biosuspensions
  • Bioprocesses integrated with separation of products together with their purification
  • Application of digital image analysis to investigate the morphology and physiology of fungi
  • Kinetics, modelling and optimization of the following bioprocesses: biosynthesis of lovastatin, citric acid and food colorants; production of fodder yeasts, biogas
  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in coculture of filamentous fungi and actinomycetes
  • Processes of photobiosynthesis involving microalgae in biorafineries
  • Purification of thermostable phycocyanin - a valuable pharmaceutical
  • Pyrolysis and gasification processes of biomass
  • Ozonation pocesses
  • Biomass disintegration pocesses
Department of Bioprocess Engineering


II. Biotechnology and environmental engineering

  • Application of advanced oxidation processes for degradation of xenobiotics, including detergents and dyes in industrial wastewater
  • Biodegradation of industrial wastewater (textile, pulp, paper and dairy industry)
  • Integration of biological and chemical methods in industrial wastewater tratment
  • Toxicity analysis and identyfication of transformation products
  • Kinetics, modelling and optymalization of photoprocesses: photocatalysis, photosensitized oxidation, photocatalytic ozonation
  • Application of photochemical processes for water disinfection
  • Reclamation and inertisation of old landfills
  • Investigation of water and wastewater toxicity
  • Biological removal of mercury from contaminated soil and wastewater by bacteria
  • Heavy metals removal from contaminated soil and ground by biosorption and bioleaching
  • Thermochemical utlization of municpal wastes and sewage sludge
  • Anaerobic processes in production of biogas and biohydrogen

Specification of research equipment

  • Air-lift tower bioreactors with a working volume of 16, 32 dm3 and agitator tank bioreactors with a working volume of 2, 10, 42 dm3, computer-aided air-lift tower bioractors and agitator tank bioreators of volume 3 and 15 dm3 (B. Braun/Sartorius)
  • Three identical parallel working agitator tank bioreactors with a working volume of 5 dm3 (Sartorius B-PLUS and B)
  • Biostat PBR-2S helicoidal photobioreator
  • Varian CP 3800 and SRI Instruments 8610C gas chromatographs
  • UHPLC Waters liquid chromatograph with MS and HPLC Agilent, ionic Dionex ICS1000, preparative AKTA pure 25 GE
  • R153 Evaporator (Buchi)
  • FUNDABACK TSD Biomass separation filter (Mueller)
  • ELO 04 Ultrafiltrating modulus (Millipore)
  • LS50B Fluorymeter (Perkin Elmer)
  • Spectrometer Fluotime 200 (Picoquant)
  • Microscopes: Olympus BX 40 with a fluorescent unit, BX 53 with digital camera and image analysis system, BX 51 with camera XC 50 and Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions
  • BOD Manometric meter, COD thermostate, DR 2800 and 5000 spectrophotometers (Hach-Lange)
  • Laminar chambers: HBB 2448 (Holten) and NU-437-300E (NuAire, Inc)
  • NA 2500 Elementary analyser (CE Instruments) and O ECS 4010
  • TGA/SDTA 851 Thermobalance (Mettler Toledo)
  • BMT Ozone generator and analyzer (Mess-Technik GmbH)
  • Microtox 500
  • XenoScreen XL YES/YAS
  • 2 photoreactors CPC type, thin-film photoreactors, photoreactors with internal light source
  • UV-VIS UV Spectrophotometers: UV 300 (Unicam) and Lambda 11 (Perkin Elmer GmbH)
  • QMS 200 Quadrapole mass spectrometer (Balzers)
  • KL-12 Calorimetric bomb (BIT)
  • Horizontal bead mill multi-disc impeller 1 dm3 constructed by our staff and ultrasonic disintegrator VCX-500 Vibra Cell Ultra Sonic Processor (Sonics&Materials Inc)
  • Heat chamber with a capacity of 100 dm3 type KC100 (Elkon)
  • Micromanipulators TransferMan NK2 - 2 pieces, Cellram vario pump (Eppendorf AG)
  • Microscopic heating-cooling table PE120 (Linkam Scientific Instruments)

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