2018 - 2021:  Novel nanocatalytic structured packings for carbon dioxide hydrogenation  (abstract), National Science Centre (Poland)-OPUS, Principal Investigator: Prof. Jacek Tyczkowski

2019-2021: Nanostructured plasma catalysts for the CO2 conversion into synthetic gas, National Science Centre (Poland)-PRELUDIUM 15, Principal Investigator: Ryszard Kapica

2021-2022: Electronic properties of cold plasma produced thin nanohybrid layers based on the carbon family, MINIATURA 4, NCN, Principal Investigator: Ewelina Frątczak, PhD


2021-2023: Modern wastewater treatment with plasma-prepared catalyst for textile wastewater recycling (TEX-WATER-REC), Small Grant Scheme, NCBiR, Principal Investigator: Lucyna Bilińska, PhD


2021-2024:  Badania synergii pomiędzy ozonem i wytwarzanymi plazmowo nowymi katalizatorami w hybrydowym procesie elektrochemicznego ozonowania mikrozanieczyszczeń, SONATA - NCN, Principal Investigator:  Assoc. prof.  Marta Gmurek, PhD, DSc.


2021-2022: Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of thin-film carbon-nitrogen semiconductive catalysts, MINIATURA 5- NCN, Principal Investigator: dr Maciej Fronczak

Finished projects:

2019-2020:  Characteristics of the chemical and electronic structure of CoOx cobalt oxide films produced by plasma technique as materials with potential application in the process of photocatalytic water decomposition, National Science Centre (Poland)-MINIATURA 2, Principal Investigator: dr. Jacek Balcerzak

2015 – 2018: Plasma technology of  ecological bonding elastomers on an industrial scale (EPLAZ), NCBiR (Poland)

2015 – 2018:  Cold plasma for microbiological  applications (MNiSW, Poland)

Linear microdischarge jet for microbiological applications
Cold atmospheric plasma inactivation of Prototheca zopfii isolated from bovine milk

2018:  Plasma technology for producing a durable superhydrophobic surface on natural down, Inkubator Innowacyjności (Fundusze Europejskie), POIR, Priorytet IV, Działanie 4.4, 2018

2013 - 2015: Highly effective modification of down with low-temperature plasma technique, project PBS, NCBiR, partners: UMED, Przedsiębiorstwo "Małachowski" S.C.

2010 –2012: Innovative textile materials with hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties for specialist clothing, Project INTECH, NCBiR), partners: Przedsiębiorstwo "Małachowski" S.C.

2013 - 2017: Novel catalytic thin-film systems produced by cold plasma deposition for water splitting reactors and fuel cells, National Science Centre (Poland)-OPUS

2010 - 2012: Innovative polymer and carbon materials for respiratory protection against nanoparticles, vapor and gases, NanoProtect, POIG 01.01.02-10-018/09   

2009 - 2012: Thin-film catalysts fabricated by cold plasma for structural reactors,  National Science Centre (Poland)-OPUS

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