Awards & Achievements

2020  - Superhydrophobic and Antifungal Surface on Natural Down

Artificial Superhydrophobic and Antifungal Surface on Goose Down by Cold Plasma Treatment


2019 – New method for producing hydrogen from water

Hydrogen from water

Hydrogen production in liquid water by femtosecond laser-induced plasma. Applied Energy, 2019, 247, 24-31.


Development of alternative methods for hydrogen production from  liquid water requires novel research approaches. In the present study, we investigated the yet unexplored method of water splitting by femtosecond laser pulses (100 fs, λ = 800 nm) focused into a quartz cell containing ultra-purified water. While there is a large amount of research on femtosecond laser irradiation of water and aqueous solutions, this is the first time that the yield of H2 production was quantified under different irradiation conditions. Our findings should be of interest to a broad scientific community looking for new solutions in energy-related areas as well as users of femtosecond lasers for other applications.




2018 - Method for producing durable water-repellent layer on the surface of natural down

Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 (SIIF 2018)


2018 - Plasma processing - water resistant natural down


2018 - Hydrogen from water


2013  -  The method for generating superhydrophobic nanostructure on textile surface using cold plasma



Textiles That Don’t Get Wet
August 29, 2013   

2016 -  The method of producing a durable hydrophobic surface of natural down,  

National Competition “Student-Inventor, Polish Patent Office
J. Markiewicz, J. Tyczkowski, R. Kapica - Lodz University of Technology
and A. Małachowski, B. Małachowski

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