Profesor Mieczysław Serwiński

 prof. Mieczysław Serwiński
Chemical engineering pioneer in TUL


1950 - Department of Chemical Engineering and Equipment as a part of the Faculty of Food Chemistry;

- Our history begins in the early fifties of the twentieth century when a small  Department of Chemical Engineering was established.

1970 - Institute of Chemical Engineering and Equipment;

1988 - Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering;

- Over the years we were developing, changing names and expanding our research interests on issues related to environmental engineering.

1992 - Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering.

- Finally in 1992 we become Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering

budynek LabFactor
Budynek LabFactor

2015 – on December 8 we have opened LabFactor our state of art educational establishment

2017 – we are celebrating faculty’s 25th anniversary

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